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26 April, 2014
Bhakti Vicar Vishnu Maharaj Berlin Vrinda mandir

Bhakti Vicar Bishnu Maharaj visits Berlin Mandir

Bhakti Vicar Vishnu Maharaj enriches us day by day   Transcendental flavours we get day by day by Bhakti Vicar Vishnu Maharaj. He stays in the Radha-Krsna Temple Berlin until […]
23 January, 2014

Important Conference at the Freemason Valley Lodge in Mexico

In the Freemason Valley Lodge in Mexico, of which a few of the main freemasonry offices have granted initiation in the masonic rite to numerous presidents in Mexico, hosted an exposition […]
18 December, 2013
giri maharaj aniversario 2013

Birthday offering to Swami Giri by Argentina Yatra

9 August, 2013
Audharya Das Hare Krsna é alegria

New album of Audharya Das!

On Srila Guru Maharaja’s last visit  to Brazil Yatra, July of 2013, prabhu Audharya Das released another musical album with his lovely songs in mpb (popular brasilian music). The album […]
7 August, 2013

Interview with mathaji Karuna Mayi dd on ‘Emprendedores TV’, Peru Yatra

Interview with Karuna Mayi dd inwhich is presented the ‘Lima Vegetariana’ program; she tells us how was the process from becoming vegeterian to Vegetarian Cheff, also gives us the differet […]
4 February, 2013
swami bap

Poems by Srila B.A. Paramadvaiti Swami, Kumbha Mela 2013

Who is god? And what is dharma? What is pap? And what is karma? The future is in our hands Here in the Kumbha Mela And in all the faraway […]
16 October, 2012

Srila Gurudeva’s gratitude letter

Dear devotees and friends of my soul,   Please accept my blessings in the name of Srila Prabhupada.   I am very grateful that you have been thinking on me […]
24 September, 2012
28 vraja mandal parikrama

Invitation to the 28º Vrinda Braj Mandal Parikrama

We invite all the members of Vrinda family to participate on the 28º Vrinda Braj Mandal Parikrama, that this year will shappen from the 28th of October to the 29th of […]
24 September, 2012

Report The Time: “Cuecas Krishnas”

Vegetarians, anti system and Krishna lovers, the devotees Lila Sukha, Vrajapriti and Kaneya dedicate oart of their life to compose and play “cuecas krishnas”, typical sonds of Chile, protesting with […]
17 September, 2012

2 years celebration of Lord Caitanya in Riobamba Mandir, Ecuador

2 years celebration of Lord Caitanya in Riobamba Mandir, Ecuador. In Riobamba, Ecuador, on the 15th of September of 2012, were celebrated the 2 years annyversary of the instalation of […]
10 September, 2012
atacama viva

Interview on the “Atacama Viva” Magazine

Mahendra: a krishna on the streets of Copiapó With only a few words we could notice that this Soy Burger seller were not a regular guy. His soft but secure […]
3 September, 2012

Tribute to Paramahamsa Maharaja

On the 1st of September, in Guatapé, Colombia, was performed the tribute to Paramahamsa Maharaja, know by the civil name ‘Pedro Nel Ramirez’. Paramahamsa Maharaja was one of the first […]