2 September, 2015
Paramadvaiti Swami

The Perfection of Yoga by Paramadvaiti Swami

Srila Paramadvaiti Swami talks about the perfection of yoga. What is the perfection of yoga? Is to remove all illusions of our lives and establish us in a healthy wholesome […]
14 August, 2015
war plane painting 02

God exists…

By Sripad Bhakti Raksak Swami Maharaj (from the readings of His Divine Grace, arampujyapad Srila Bhakti Ballabha Tirtha Gosvami Maharaja) Pilot Nixon flew his airplane to locate the defense abilities […]
6 August, 2015
Entry gate - Flood at Jahnavi Kunj, Sridham Mayapur

Emergency: Flood in Mayapur

Dear Devotees, I want to inform you that our temple in Mayapur Dham is flooded. It is an emergency situation for the devotees there. The first floor of Sarasvati Kunja […]
15 March, 2015
Srila B.B Bodhayan Maharaj, Sripad Swami Maharaj and Srila B.A Paramadvaiti Maharaj

Revolutionary Vaisnava meeting in Kolkata

    Under the name Chaitanya Janmotsava, the Gaudiya Mission from Bagbaazar in cooperation with many other Vaisnava missions organized the three day festival inviting practically anybody who felt any […]
3 December, 2014

Srila Paramadvaiti Maharaja at the World Hindu Congress 2014, Delhi

The World Hindu Congress 2014, was an important conjunction where the concerns of the World Conscious Pact to increase the global awareness of the ancient wisdom became one of the […]
14 November, 2014

VIDEO: Damodar Puja by Srila Paramadvaiti Maharaja

Everyday during the month of Kartik all the devotees all over the world offer a ghee lamp to Sri Krishna Damodhr remembering His most beautiful pastimes realized on this time […]
4 November, 2014
Making vows for Sri Kartika month

Arrival day of Srila Guru Maharaja in Vrindavan for Vraj Mandal Parikram

The arrival of Srila Gurudeva is very emotional. The devotees in Vrinda Kunja Ashram, Vrindavan, had a beautiful reception with a candle path to receive Srila Guru Maharaja that arrived […]
14 October, 2014
Captura de tela de 2014-10-14 21:09:55

Video: Vyasapuja of Srila Guru Maharaja in Sri Vrindavan Dham

Watch the video made by B.A. Harijan Maharaja from beautiful moments of the Sri Vyasapuja day of our great Srila Bhakti Aloka Paramadvaiti Maharaja: the Yamuna cleaning in the morning, […]
5 August, 2014

What should you bring for the Parikram in India 2014? CBA Bulletin

Kartik in India ki Jay! This letter is for all the devotees travelling to India this year. REMEMBER, maybe you’re also interested in taking the special mercy of a doner. […]
11 July, 2014
Vídeo Paramadvaiti Swami Kartik 2012

Video: Srila Guru Maharaj’s Bhajan during Kartik, 2012, India

Srila Guru Maharaj expressing his sweetness through the Maha Mantra during Braj Mandal Parikramm Kartik 2012, India, This video was made by Krishna Kirtan Das.   Maha Mantra from Хари […]
20 May, 2014
Paramadvaiti Maharaj kirtan Hari Hara 2014

Srila Guru Maharaja’s Ecstatic kirtan on Goura Mandal Parikram

See Srila Guru Maharaja’s ecstatic kirtan singing with hundreds of devotees in Hari Hara mandir during Goura Mandal Parikram, 2014:        
29 April, 2014
helping hand vrindavan yamuna

Brigates of Yamuna cleaning, Vrindavan, India

Hare Krisna dear friends, mataji’s and devotees take our reverences at your feet. Each Friday morning, our team of volunteers are used to do cleaning gatherings on the coasts of […]