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18 February, 2014

Sankirtan Festival in Lima Mandir

In Jagannath Mandir a Sankirtan Festival is being organized for the 22nd of February, 2014. More than an invitation, it is a call to reactivate large scale preaching in Lima. […]
16 February, 2014

Nityananda Trayodasi Celebration, Peru

Jagannath Mandir had a pleasant evening in company of the devotees and friends who visited. They would like to thank all those who helped make the event possible. There was […]
25 January, 2014
Guru Maharaj lima 2014 enero 09

Arrival of Srila Guru Maharaj in Lima, Peru

January 23rd, 2014 Exciting moments took place during the arrival of Gurudeva Paramadvaiti at the Lima airport. His arrival melted the hearts of the devotees, who had been waiting for him […]
9 January, 2014
horta jagannath mandir 02 30

2nd stage of the Organic Garden at Jagannath Mandir, Vrindavan

See the pictures of the beautiful service made by the devotees and volunteers of Vrinda Kunja Ashram, and get to know a bit more of Jagannath Mandir.  
25 November, 2013
jagannath mandir paramadvaiti swami vrindavan kartik vrinda 2013 braj mandal parikram

Kirtan at Jagannath Mandir, Vrindavan

Srila Guru Maharaj was invited by Swami Gyaan Prakashji, the Mahanta spiritual leader of the temple, to celebrate Govardhan Puja at Jagannath Mandir. Watch the kirtan sung by the devotees […]