20 May, 2014
Mother Nelle

Sunday Chat 11 May, 2014: People who are very dear in life, Mothers

My dearest devotees, Receive all my affection from Miami. A special greeting to all mothers, because today in the West is celebrated as Mother’s Day. Sure, it is a day […]
11 May, 2014

Srila Paramadvaiti Maharaja in Miami

Srila Guru Maharaj will be in Miami until the 12th of May. He will hold conferences on Friday at 8pm in Skanda Yoga Studio and on Saturday at 7pm at […]
15 May, 2013

Mother’s Day Celebration in Miami Mandir

This past Sunday May 12th Guru Maharaja and the Miami devotees celebrated the divine mother with a fire ceremony, a vegetarian BBQ, and a lecture honoring the female energy of […]
30 April, 2013
Guru Maharaja Miami Airport

Guru Maharaja’s arrival in Miami

After being away for almost 7 months, Guru Maharaja arrived safely in Miami. He gave a quick overview of the successful work done both in India and in Europe. And now he prepares to […]