world conscious pact

7 July, 2015
Western Connecticut State University Drum Circle

First Chaski Fest Danbury, Connecticut, USA

By Radhe Syam Dasi   On May 9th, 2015 the first Chaski Fest was presented in the United States in Danbury, Chaski Fests guests receiving information on The Rights of […]
14 November, 2014
The devotees being interviewed by local channels

Vrinda Northeast devotees march with 400,000 People, New York, USA

On September 21st, the Vrinda Northeast devotees represented World Conscious Pact at the, People’s Climate March, the largest protest for Environmental Justice the world has ever seen. The march was […]
20 May, 2014

Vrinda Devotees travel to the United Nations in New York City

Throughout the second week of May, Vrinda Northeast devotees attended a variety United Nations events during the annual Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UN PFII). The events included various conferences, […]
10 March, 2014
We finally arrived

Pictorial report of Srila Paramadvaiti Swami’s visit to Rishikesh

See the photo gallery of beautiful moments and events Srila Guru Maharaj and devotees attended last week in Rishikesh, India.   Photographs by Ambika Dasi, Mahatma Das and Vrindavan Candra Das. […]
3 February, 2014
limpeza riksa vrinda mayapur 2014 06

Cleaning Project in Mayapur Dham

The beautiful cleaning and conscientization campaign in the Dham is continuing to advance. Thanks to all the help of volunteers and donations from everyone interested in serving the Dham, despite the distance, […]
25 January, 2014
srila paramadvaiti swami guru maharaj mamos 2014 enero

Recognition of Srila Paramadvaiti Maharaja by the Kogi and Aarhuaco people of Sierra Nevada, Colombia

During his January stay en Varsana, Srila Guru Maharaj, B.A Paramadvaiti Swami received the honor of being named “mamo” by the Aarhuaco and Kogi people, belonging to the ancestral peoples of […]
3 January, 2014
bio construccion

1o Bio Construction Meeting, Los Angeles, Chile

Beautiful First Bio Construction Meeting, disseminating from heart to heart.  
16 December, 2013

Enviromental Street Revolution

The drama troop from Vrinda Kunja presented the street drama called Facing Death, signed by the World Conscious Pact, through provoking messages for the protection of Mother Earth, the holy […]
15 September, 2013

Sankirtan in Metro at Bucaramanga, Colombia

All Glories to Sri Guru and Gouranga From the beautiful city of Bucaramanga, Colombia, we make a report from the never seen before campaign of sow awareness in the metro […]